New Mexico Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System

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Promoting Wellness to New Mexico

The New Mexico Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System (NM PRAMS) surveys new mothers to improve maternal and infant health. The NM Department of Health (NMDOH) and the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conduct this project.



The survey asks mothers about their experiences, attitudes, and behaviors before, during and shortly after pregnancy. NM PRAMS started with July 1997 births.

  • NM PRAMS samples over 2,000 new mothers each year. A computer chooses names at random from live birth certificates.
  • Participation in PRAMS is voluntary. Approximately 70% of sampled mothers respond to NM PRAMS.
  • Mailed questionnaires are the primary mode of response. Telephone interviewers call mothers who do not respond by mail.

For the survey questions or details about PRAMS operations and methods, see the appendix of our surveillance report.


Daily Multivitamin

NM women with a live birth in 2009-2010 that took a daily multivitamin or prenatal vitamin prior to conception.

Family Food Security

Single parents who reported they did not always have enough food to eat during their pregnancy.

New Mexico Youth

NM youth respondents said that they had never had sex, but 11% said they had sex at age 13 or younger.

Unintended Pregnancies

NM unintended pregnancies, meaning mothers either wanted their pregnancy at a later time or not at all.

NM PRAMS informs policy makers, healthcare providers and the public about the health of New Mexico mothers.

PRAMS data are useful for making decisions about healthcare services, programs and policies.